See who won Kinross’ 2018 Safety Awards

Congratulations to our Chile and Fort Knox teams for winning Kinross’ 2018 Safety Performance awards, and to Paracatu for winning the 2018 Continuous Improvement (CI) Award!

J. Paul Rollinson, President & CEO, and Paul Tomory, Executive Vice-President and Chief Technical Officer, presented the awards at the 2019 Strategic Forum in Toronto last month.

La Coipa and Maricunga were recognized for the Best Safety Performance in 2019, finishing the year without a single reportable incident and over 250,000 hours worked.

Fort Knox received the Most Improved Safety Performance with an improved average frequency rate of 0.13 compared to its previous three-year average of 0.47. The mine also achieved the milestone of zero reportable incidents – a first for the mine!

“This award is well deserved and well earned,” said Jeremy Brans, Vice-President and General Manager, Fort Knox. “It is the result of each and every member of the team staying focused while making uncountable decisions that affect safety each day. I am very impressed with our team and their accomplishments.”

Paracatu received the 2018 Continuous Improvement (CI) award for their significant improvements throughout the year resulting in cost savings.

Other significant safety milestones achieved this year include:

  • Kettle River-Buckhorn: Zero reportable incidents
  • Round Mountain: Two years without a reportable injury
  • Chirano: Four years without an LTI in the Processing department
  • Paracatu: 7.2 million man-hours worked without an LTI, 28 years without an LTI in the Warehouse and 31 years without an LTI in the Process Lab

“Congratulations to our sites for the numerous milestones they achieved this year,” said Ed Opitz, Vice-President, Safety and Sustainability. “While we celebrate these accomplishments, it is important to recognize how far we have come and continue to stay motivated to reach and surpass our goals and operate as safe as possible.” 

Mark Ioli accepts the award for best overall performance for the Chile operations

The Fort Knox team accepts their award – left to right Paul Rollinson, Jeremy Brans, Eric Hill (former GM, Fort Knox) and Paul Tomory

Jeremy Brans, Vice-President and General Manager, Fort Knox and Keith Arens, Fort Knox Health and Safety Manager with the most improved safety award at site

Gilberto Azevedo, Vice-President and General Manager, Paracatu, with the 2018 CI award