Silver Winner: Stefanie Sisk, Industrial Hygiene Specialist, Bald Mountain

Silver Winner:
Stefanie Sisk, 
Industrial Hygiene Specialist, Bald Mountain

Stefanie works as an Industrial Hygiene Specialist on the Health and Safety team at Bald Mountain.

In her role, Stefanie is responsible for managing and monitoring chemicals at the site by taking samples and conducting numerous audits in the field. She analyzes results  and brings suggestions back to the team on how to improve chemical management and safety systems.

“Stefanie is known for going above and beyond her call of duty, and then striving to exceed the high standards she sets for herself. She often takes on additional responsibilities within her own department, and across others,” says a colleague. “Aside from her daily responsibilities, Stefanie will always lend an extra hand if she knows it can benefit the health and safety of employees at Bald.”

For example, she has volunteered to help develop the Annual Safety Refresher Training course that trains employees on new safety techniques. Aside from that, she works regularly with employees to assist in their medical care and workers compensation needs.

“We always know we can rely on Stefanie when we need an extra hand. I can think of several occasions when she has modified her personal plans to stay at site and accommodate someone in need,” said an employee at Bald Mountain. “Our workplace wouldn’t be the same without her; she brings a new meaning to ‘Putting People First’.”

Stefanie, after being told she was the 2019 LOVA Winner in the Putting People First category

Stefanie at the Elko Safety Olympiad

Stefanie and members of the Bald Mountain team. From left to right: 

Clint Nebeker, Operations Manager; Bruce Thieking, General Manager; Stefanie Sisk, Industrial Hygiene Specialist; Larry Niman, Health and Safety Manager; and Patrick Herman, Human Resources Manager