Sustainability Highlight: Connecting communities near Chirano to Ghana’s electrical grid

Kinross recognizes that affordable and clean energy is an important driver of socio-economic development and well-being around the world. Mine development has played a critical role in bringing reliable utilities to remote areas where our operations are located, not only to service our mines but also to benefit nearby local communities that otherwise would not have access to power.

In line with our commitment to advancing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and specifically SDG 7, Affordable and Clean Energy, Kinross is implementing programs across several mine sites, including our Chirano mine in Ghana – One of these projects was completed near our Chirano mine, where 100% of the 20 communities in the mine’s catchment area now have access to the electrical grid.

Communities located in the rural area near Chirano were not connected to the national grid prior to the mine’s start-up. In 2004, when the Chirano mine started operations, the rural electrification rate was just 28% and most of the immediate villages were not on the national grid.

A power line was brought into the area to support the development of the mine and through the years, many of the local villages were connected to the new grid. While most residents in the catchment area have had access to electricity for years, two small local villages, Kwawkrom and Kwanikrom, did not until 2016 and 2019 respectively. 

Having identified this issue, Kinross’ Chirano mine contracted a local engineering company to connect Kwawkrom and through partnership and collaboration with the Nexans Foundation, the Electricity Company of Ghana, and local authorities, Kwanikrom was connected to the grid in 2019. Following connection to the grid, more than 80% of community survey respondents recognized a resulting improvement in their quality of life.

Additionally, Kinross contracts with small, local businesses to ensure that power line corridors are maintained, reducing the risk of power cuts due to shorting and providing jobs to local communities.

To learn more about Kinross’ approach to renewable energy, visit our 2019 Sustainability Report.

Opinion Leaders of Kwanikrom together with Nexans Foundation earlier this year, Chamber of Mines and local representatives
Ceremony to commission the electrification project earlier this year, attended by Nexans Foundation and local representatives