Sustainability Highlight: Kinross’ Benefit Footprint

We recently launched our 2019 Sustainability Report, an in-depth review of our progress over the past two years in delivering on our commitment to responsible mining. Over the next few weeks, we will be featuring our Corporate Responsibility strengths through our sustainability highlight column on Kinross World.

This week, we feature our benefit footprint – our commitment to operating in a manner that brings socio-economic benefits to our host countries and communities through local job creation, access to business and economic opportunities, and taxes.

In 2019, we contributed more than $3.2 billion in our host countries through tax payments, jobs, procurement and community support. These direct benefits help to reduce poverty, sustain strong communities and contribute to improved well-being and prosperity, providing measurable improvements in areas such as education, health, small business development and infrastructure.

Learn more about our management approach to generating socio-economic value through our benefit footprint here. You can learn more on page 74 of our Sustainability Report.