Watch the transfer of our mine fleet from Maricunga to La Coipa

Last month, Kinross Chile completed the transfer of the mine fleet from our Maricunga operation to La Coipa as part of the La Coipa Restart project. The La Coipa Restart project plan called for the transfer and refurbishment of the mine fleet at Maricunga, which was placed on care and maintenance last year.

The mobilization of the mine fleet began in mid-March and involved relocating approximately 30 trucks, loaders and various other equipment 160 kilometres through the Andes mountains from Maricunga to La Coipa. Each trip took eight to 10 hours at a time depending on weather conditions and size of the piece of equipment. 

Check out our Instagram page to watch an aerial view of the mobilization.

“I am very proud of our employees who successfully and safely carried out this feat in the Andes mountains without incident,” said Guillermo Olivares, General Manager, La Coipa. “Our teamwork and focus on safety were the keys to the success of this mobilization.”