Watch video: Kinross’ Responsible and Safe Tailings Management

Watch this video to learn more about our best-in-class approach to tailings management across our operations.

Kinross’ tailings management, including how we construct, manage and reclaim our tailings facilities, is based on our overriding commitment to responsible operations, safety and environmental stewardship. In our 26-year history, there has never been a tailings breach at our operations and we continue to be vigilant, comprehensive and responsible in how we manage our tailings and maintain this record.

Kinross’ tailings facilities are designed and constructed to the highest engineering standards that meet or exceed regulatory and international requirements and standards of best practice. Facilities have rigorous maintenance, monitoring, and emergency response procedures and plans in place, including daily inspections and monthly instrumentation monitoring and data analysis, independent reviews, and a comprehensive tailings scorecard of management indicators to ensure safety standards.

“At Kinross, we strive to meet or exceed the highest standards of responsible mining that protect our workforce, the environment and our host communities,” said J. Paul Rollinson, President & CEO. “Kinross remains committed to continuous improvement, using the best available technology and being at the forefront of best practices to strengthen our tailings management.”

To learn more about our tailings facilities, read Kinross’ best practice approach to tailings management or view our tailings management fact sheet here.