Yes, You Could Be Reading This On Your Phone or At Home

Yes, you could be reading this on your personal phone. Or your personal computer. Or your tablet. At home or at work.

Kinross World is an external website available anytime, anywhere. You don’t need to be on the Kinross network, or using a Kinross computer or mobile device to access it.

Have a family member with questions about our Company? Point them to Kinross World. If they’re interested in receiving ongoing news about us, they can become a subscriber. (No, they don’t need to be an employee of the Company.) The subscribe box is located on the homepage, and all that’s needed is an email address.

Kinross World is dedicated to bringing company news to all of our people – regardless of where they work, the language they speak, or the job they do. Bookmark the site on your personal device, subscribe for updates, and start “Liking” our news today.