Gold Winner: Denis Nobre, Senior Automation Analyst, Paracatu

Gold Winner:
Denis Nobre
Senior Automation Analyst, Paracatu

Denis joined Kinross and was immediately recognized for the innovative, forward-thinking, technologically-advanced contributions he has brought to Paracatu.

As someone who has technical skills in the niche area of automation, Denis remains on top of new technologies seeking potential improvements that could be made to our systems by studying various software and finding ways to implement them across the mine.

Recently, Denis developed a tool that can alert operators on the status of production, power and equipment directly to their mobile device when online. This new digital tool Denis is implementing provides simple updates that helps our employees keep informed and be more efficient.  

“Denis is an innovator, he’s always seeking opportunities for improvement to maximize efficiency at Paracatu,” said a colleague. “Every day, he is pushing our site forward and turning the future into the present.”

Denis has also been working with Fort Knox colleagues and the Continuous Improvement team at Paracatu to develop an algorithm to measure the total ball load and wear of coating in the SAG Mill. He has also worked on projects with the PIMS team to develop algorithms for the bottleneck in Plant 2 that will decipher the best financial decision on options for feeding Plant 1.

Through these improvements and his daily efforts, Denis helps Paracatu become a stronger mine that operates more efficiently and at a lower operating cost to help generate more cash flow. His technical skills propel Paracatu forward and ensure the mine stands out amongst peers and innovators in the industry.

Denis in the mill 

Denis and his team at his LOVA Award presentation 

Denis with his LOVA award at Paracatu 

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