Gold Winner: Ebenezer Whyte Opoku – Chirano

As an orphan who has struggled throughout his life, Ebenezer Whyte Opoku (Assistant Field Technician) is committed to using every opportunity to help improve the lives of the needy. 

Ebenezer Whyte Opoku (Assistant Field Technician, Chirano)

He is involved with various philanthropic activities in Bibiani, located near the Chirano mine site. His many charitable activities include:

  • helping feed over 200 orphans and 10 widows over the past two years
  • donating toys and food to newborn babies at the Bibiani Government hospital

Ebenezer with orphans from Bibiani.  

  • donating Christmas Day bags of rice, boxes of corned beef and oil to widows in Old Town, a suburb of Bibiani
  • organizing an end-of-year party for orphans during the holiday season and distributing 3,000 notebooks
  • visiting and feeding inmates of a local prison on Valentine’s Day

Ebenezer with widows from Bibiani. 

Ebenezer inspires his fellow colleagues to make a positive impact in their home communities.

“Ebenezer is always thinking of, and looking out for, the vulnerable people of his community – orphans, widows and school children. He deserves to be recognized for his commitment.”  

Ebenezer at the 2014 Living Our Values Awards (LOVA) gala in Toronto.