Gold Winner: Pedro Castillo – Maricunga

Pedro Castillo (Metallurgical Technician) is recognized as a leader in promoting health and safety awareness on site.

Pedro Castillo (Metallurgical Technician, Maricunga) 

An 18-year veteran of Kinross, Pedro led “La Epoca del Hielo” (ice age), a campaign focused on reducing fall hazards during the winter season when it’s particularly icy at Maricunga. The campaign included monitoring, identifying, and raising awareness about the risks and dangers of ice, as well as recommending ways to reduce it on site. For example, the campaign encouraged keeping industrial salt in front of the offices as a precaution should conditions become icy.

“La Epoca del Hielo” campaign in action during an icy winter in Maricunga. 

Pedro goes the extra mile when it comes to his dedication to health and safety. He has also been an active member of the Comité Paritario, a committee focused on health and safety, since 2011 and a member of Maricunga’s rescue brigade since 2000.

Pedro in Maricunga. 

“We always say that safety is our number one priority, and Pedro stands out in this regard. He is always concerned about the well-being of his fellow colleague, and is a safety champion on site.”  

Pedro and his wife Marina Gutierrez at the 2014 Living Our Values Awards (LOVA) gala in Toronto.