Silver Winner: Abbass Cherif, Load and Haul Supervisor, Tasiast

Silver Winner:
Abbass Cherif, 

Load and Haul Supervisor, Tasiast

Abbass joined Kinross in 2010 as a Mobile Equipment Operator where he quickly demonstrated his leadership skills and implemented numerous improvements, which led to his promotion to Leading Hand in 2012.

As a veteran employee with nine years of experience at Tasiast, Abbas is a mentor to young miners and was promoted to Load and Haul Supervisor in 2017.

“I feel very lucky to have Abbass as a supervisor. Whenever we have questions, or need assistance, he will not hesitate to step in and show us the safest way to complete a task,” says an employee. “Many of us look up to him as an older brother or mentor, because he always wants to help us be the best we can be at our job.” 

His colleagues regard him as one of the best mining supervisors at Tasiast due to his hard work, dedication and the importance he places on the safety of his colleagues. He also supports their success by working together to identify areas for improvement and future goals.

Abbass’ diligence and commitment makes Tasiast a safer place, as he always reminds his team their first priority is to make it home safe each and every day. 

Abbass works with a colleague