Silver Winner: Daniel Curiel, Instrumentation Technician, Round Mountain

Silver Winner:
Daniel Curiel,
 Instrumentation Technician, Round Mountain

Daniel joined Kinross in 2007 as a mobile maintenance mechanic, and later joined the electrical apprentice program in 2013.

Keen to always learn new skills, in 2017, Daniel saw an opportunity to apply his knowledge and learn about a new program in the mill, specifically the Bailey’s Logic program.

Previously, the Bailey’s Logic program was outsourced to a contractor at a high cost and was often unreliable and inefficient. Since Daniel has taken on the role, the project is operating quickly, efficiently and at a significantly lower cost – saving the Company just under $200,000 over two years and supporting its cash flow profile.

Daniel was also instrumental in completing the electrical set-up for infrastructure of the new pebble crusher that has increased mill throughput. He also made significant improvements to the mill flow monitor system that allows operators to track chemical flows and make more efficient changes to produce more ounces.

“Daniel is a top performer at Round Mountain – he takes the impossible and makes it possible by thinking outside the box and making himself the go-to guy,” says a colleague. “He’s not only helping us operate more efficiently, he’s also helping to reduce costs. Round Mountain is lucky to have such a hard worker on our team.” 

As a former apprentice, Daniel mentors young employees in the apprenticeship program at Round Mountain. Employees look forward to their rotation with Daniel due to his innovative skills, leadership and professionalism.

“Daniel is well known for his strong skillset, but also for his personality, focus on putting safety first and helping apprentices achieve their full potential,” said an employee in the program. “He is a mentor and role model to many because he puts his heart into every job and maintains the goal of improving processes and supporting the Company.”

Daniel works with a colleague 

Daniel hard at work