Silver winner: Yury Baranov, Underground Mechanic, Dvoinoye

Yury Baranov, Underground Mechanic, Dvoinoye

Yury joined Kinross in 2012 as a mechanic in Dvoinoye’s mobile equipment maintenance unit. He is a quick learner who pays very close attention to details, and most importantly, to the safety of his colleagues, especially when operating underground.

Prior to joining Kinross, Yury worked at an underground mine in Kazakhstan when his Health and Safety officer reported a rock failure. Two miners became trapped and Yury and his team worked to rescue the miners until the rescue team arrived. Yury and his team were able to remove half of the fallen debris to significantly cut the rescue teams’ efforts in half and help successfully evacuate the trapped miners. 

Since that incident, Yury demonstrates an ongoing commitment to safety, specifically in remote, challenging climates. He shares this important story with his peers to help them understand the severity of their working conditions and the need to maintain best practices and report potential hazards where they can.

Yury mentors young miners at Dvoinoye and trains the next generation to work with efficiency, accountability and responsibility. His reputation has been built on these principles and his overriding commitment to safety.

“Yury is an excellent mentor, and as a veteran of Dvoinoye, he fosters professional growth and respect in his colleagues and subordinates,” said Mikhail Kobylkin, Mechanic, Mobile Equipment Maintenance Unit, Dvoinoye. “He is passionate about the welfare of his co-workers and ensures all team members are constantly operating in a safe environment. When I am underground with Yury, I know I am in safe hands.”  

Yury and his colleauges at Dvoinoye in early 2019
Yury underground at Dvoinoye