Tasiast produces documentary to be broadcast across Mauritania

Earlier this year, Tasiast produced a documentary highlighting its benefit footprint and positive impact on economic and social development in Mauritania.

‘Tasiast Positive Footprint’ uses employee testimonials to highlight the growth and development opportunities Kinross offers employees. The documentary also discusses how the mine has evolved in Mauritania and increased local economic development through numerous job opportunities for the region.

“At Tasiast there is always opportunity to develop our skills and gain new responsibilities,” said Ehbibi Badilly, Mechanical Trainer, Tasiast. “I feel very lucky to work at a Company that advocates for employee development and grows with local workers from our country!”

Currently, approximately 90% of the more than 1,200 direct Tasiast employees are Mauritanians.

Since 2010, Kinross has contributed approximately 700 billion Ouguiyas [MRO] (approximately US$2 billion) to the local economy, making it one of the leading business contributors in the region. This is generated through the over 300 Mauritania companies Tasiast works with as suppliers and through taxes, wages and benefits.

Recent social responsibility initiatives, including mobile clinics, energy kits and healthcare centres, will also be included in the documentary.

The documentary will air on Mauritanian TV on February 4th and 11th. You can also access the French and Arabic versions of the documentary here

Employees start a shift at Tasiast

Ehbibi Badilly, Mechanical Trainer, Tasiast