Celebrating International Day of Women in Mining (IDWIM) at Kinross!

On June 15th, Kinross celebrated International Day of Women in Mining (IDWIM) which aims to further empower women to share their achievements and passion for the industry, and recognize the industry’s advancement on gender inclusion.

As a partner of International Women in Mining, Kinross participated in the global webinar ‘Equity in Mining is Everyone’s Responsibility’. Eduardo Magalhaes, Director, Human Resources, IT & Supply Chain, Kinross Brazil, spoke on the panel ‘Inclusive Workplace Design’ where he spoke about the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) initiatives ongoing in Brazil, including the new breastfeeding centre for employees, the importance diversity plays in the workforce, and the role each person has in creating an inclusive work environment.

Click here to view an archive of the presentation.

In celebration of IDWIM, women  across our operations shared photos of themselves in the field to showcase their diverse career paths and the important contributions they make.   

Check them out below!

Amanda Ulhoa, a Human Resources Coordinator from Paracatu, outside of the new breastfeeding room at Paracatu on the day it opened. Amanda has worked at Kinross for almost seven years!
Maria J. Castillo, a Finance Supervisor from Copiapó, meets with her team for their ‘month-end’ meeting to discuss the progress of their projects and what is upcoming next month.
Hapsatou Bal, a Community Relations Manager at Tasiast with the External Relations team during the media engagement dinner that took place in March 2023.  
Flavia Diniz, Controlling & Accounting Coordinator, Paracatu, during a trip to Kinross Chile as part of the ‘knowledge exchange’ visit between teams in Brazil and Chile. The visit was an opportunity to work together to share best practices while building attendees’ networks of Kinross colleagues.
Marina Araujo, a Legal Manager from Kinross Brazil during her first visit to the mine site almost 10 years ago!
Pamela Carrizo, an Executive Assistant from La Coipa. “This is my workspace where I spend 12 hours doing my job with passion and love.”
Carolina Zanetti, a Senior Human Resources Analyst from Paracatu during her visit to the hydroelectric plants in Caçu, Brazil in February 2023. During this trip, Carolina had the opportunity to better understand the business by learning about how Paracatu receives its power from the hydroelectric plants.
A group of female employees from Great Bear take a photo after their morning safety meeting on May 31st.
‘I love this photo because each of these women represent Kinross uniquely and offer such diverse skillsets. It’s a pleasure working alongside such a talented group of women in mining,” said Debbie Coughlin, Human Resources Manager, Red Lake.
Hanna Dallmeier, a Core Logging Geologist from Red Lake inside the Young Street core shack. Hanna, core techs and other geologists were wrapping up a successful workday and decided to take some photos commemorating a great day at the shack.
Cheherazade Autie, an Accounts Payable and Treasury Controller from Nouakchott with her team at the end of the Safety Excellence training session held at Tasiast. Cheherazade and her colleagues traveled to site where they spent four days participating in the training and met with several new colleagues from the mine site and the Nouakchott office.
Isabel Espinoza, Deputy Engineering Manager Great Bear Project, Toronto, during a visit to Round Mountain when the first gold was poured from the Phase W expansion project as a result of the teams’ hard work during engineering and execution.
Jordan Pokryfke, a Project Geologist from Fort Knox, during a pre-drilling site inspection for the geotechnical core rig in the Fort Knox pit and behind the tailings storage facility. Jordan enjoys working alongside the drilling crews and seeing geotechnical projects come to completion.
Kat Autenrieth, Exploration Director North America, Round Mountain, shares her experience working at Kinross:
“I started my career with Kinross 11 years ago logging K5 core from the Curlew project. The photos I have captured during my time at Kinross include some of the best moments in my career and they tell a story of perseverance. The careful observations, interpretation and target testing over many years with an incredible team led to this moment of seeing the rocks in place underground. The next picture I hope to share (someday) is a gold bar from this target.”
Elaine Ramos, a Senior Mine Resource Geologist from Fort Knox during the 2023 International Women’s Day sporting the purple safety vests that were used for the month in support of IWD. Since joining Kinross and moving to Alaska, Elaine has participated in several outdoor winter competitions such as the 2023 ‘Sonot Kkaazoot Nordic 20km Ski Race’ which has allowed her to enjoy the outdoors and embrace the winter climate.
Marcela Gomez, a Human Resources Specialist from Copiapó in her office during the workday. “I love being a part of the Human Resources team and work every day to face challenges with a good attitude and commitment to my team.”
Amanda Keeling, a Projects Specialist from Bald Mountain, takes HODs through a project update, discussing work completed and what is upcoming.

Thank you to all of our employees who sent in submissions for the International Day of Women in Mining Photo Gallery and a special thank you to all of our female employees for their continued hard work and commitment!

Silver Winner: Noel Moniz, Mailroom Supervisor, Toronto
September 19, 2023

Silver Winner: Noel Moniz, Mailroom Supervisor, Toronto

Silver Winner: Daniel Hill, Site Services Coordinator, Great Bear
September 19, 2023

Silver Winner: Daniel Hill, Site Services Coordinator, Great Bear

Gold Winner: Stormy Hallahan, Mobile Maintenance Mechanic, Bald Mountain
September 19, 2023

Gold Winner: Stormy Hallahan, Mobile Maintenance Mechanic, Bald Mountain