Check out Kinross Chile’s ‘Atacama Cyber Week’!

Check out Kinross Chile’s ‘Atacama Cyber Week’, an online platform featuring over 200 products and services ranging from food and beverages, clothing and accessories and online classes and workshops from 60 local businesses in the Atacama region.

The project was launched alongside non-profits in the region and the Ministry of Culture and Arts in order to promote local small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Atacama Cyber Week is an excellent way to advertise local businesses and provide virtual classes and workshops to keep our neighbours engaged during the pandemic,” said Guillermo Olivares, General Manager, La Coipa. “We are excited to showcase these talented businesses and are committed to supporting them during this difficult time.” 

Click here to browse the website! The event runs from Friday, June 26th – Thursday, July 2nd.