View of winter road from Kupol mine site

Graduating from Generation Gold: Akira Rattenbury

Generation Gold – launched by Kinross in 2007 – is one of the most successful recruiting and retention initiatives in the global gold industry. In this series, we profile our “Gen Gold” employees and learn about their experience in the leadership development program.

Meet Akira Rattenbury, a graduate from the Colorado School of Mines in his final year of the Gen Gold program. Akira joined Kinross in the fall of 2009, starting his first assignment at Kettle River-Buckhorn. His rotational assignments have since taken him to Tasiast, Reno, and Paracatu. Read about his journey.

Akira Rattenbury (Exploration Geologist) picking up core samples in the exploration core laydown yard at Kupol, during a technical site visit in October 2012.