Kinross CEO donates time to mentor aspiring women miners

For the second in year in a row Kinross CEO Paul Rollinson participated in a special auction to support increased participation of women in the mining industry. Paul was one of a dozen industry executives who auctioned an hour of their time to ambitious young women looking for mentorship advice by industry leaders.

Mélanie LaRoche-Boisvert and Alexandra Foty, mining engineering students from McGill University in Montreal, won the opportunity to have lunch with Paul and learn from his career.

“I’ve always wanted to work in mining and am really excited to meet with Paul,” said Alexandra. “I’d like to learn more about how he started in the industry and hear his advice for the next generation.”

The auction was organized by Women Who Rock, a Toronto-based organization that promotes gender diversity in mining. The money raised at the auction will be donated to The Native Women’s Association of Canada.

Paul Rollinson, President & CEO, with Mélanie LaRoche-Boisvert and Alexandra Foty

Paul Rollinson shares his experience in mining and the importance of gender diversity in the industry as Geoff Burns, CEO, Pan American Silver looks on