Kinross Chile sponsors Women in the Workforce conference

Kinross Chile recently sponsored the 2019 ‘Seminar of Regional Vision’ conference in the Atacama that aims to promote new methods to improve workforce diversity across the region.

Jessica Condori, Human Resource Specialist, Copiapó, spoke during the ‘Women’s Equality and Increasing the Value of your Company’ seminar where she highlighted Kinross’ commitment to diversity and how our global standard of gender equality is applied in Chile.

“At Kinross Chile, we are committed to increasing women’s presence across our operations and utilizing their talent to improve our Company,” said Jessica. “In Chile, women represent 35% of our leadership team and make up 40% of our regional office in Copiapó, all surpassing the national average of women in international companies.”

Attending the seminar were over 150 people from across the Atacama to discuss the importance of women’s involvement in the workforce and ways to increase their presence while reducing gender wage-gaps across all industries.

This marked the conferences ten-year anniversary, hosted by ‘Diario Atacama,’ the most prominent newspaper in the Atacama region.

Jessica Condori, Human Resource Specialist, Copiapó, speaks at the conference

A Q&A session takes place with Human Resource and Diversity panelists at the conference. Jessica Condori, Human Resource Specialist, Copiapó, second from the left

The crowd at the conference