Kinross Four Point Plan: what’s new for 2020?

With the start of a new decade and our 2019 year-end behind us, we recently circulated our 2020 Four Point Plan (4PP) – the roadmap for our company at a corporate, regional and site level.  

The 4PP outlines our strategic priorities for the year-ahead and is our tool for measuring performance throughout the year.

While the weightings will remain the same, there is one overall change to the categories in the 2020 4PP: “Deliver Mine and Financial Performance” is now called “Delivering Sustainable Cash Flow,” reflecting the continued emphasis and importance of optimizing cash flow. 

Here is a summary of our 2020 4PP:

  1. First Priorities: Operating in a safe, responsible manner with a commitment to environmental stewardship and relationships with our stakeholders.
  2. Delivering Sustainable Cash Flow: Delivering strong production results and robust, sustainable cash flow, with a focus on optimizing working capital.
  3. Deliver Future Value: Managing our business with a focus on cash flow, mine life extensions and delivering on future goals while advancing our operations.
  4. Continuous Improvement and Innovation: Finding opportunities and efficiencies to reduce costs and improve productivity across our global operations.