Nikolay Grigoriev named ‘Honoured Geologist’ of Russian Federation

Our very own Nikolay Grigoriev, Deputy Director, Kupol and Dvoinoye has been named an ‘Honoured Geologist of the Russian Federation’ for his long-standing service and excellence in mining. Congratulations, Nikolay, for this impressive feat!

He received the award from the Chukokta Deputy Governor at a ceremony attended by colleagues from the Anadyr office.

His passion for geology and exploration began at an early age and has continued for 43 years in the industry. “My career started in 1973, but prior to that, when I was still in University, I used to join geologists on their field trips for a chance to see what it really would be like,” said Nikolay.

He made his first two gold and silver deposit discoveries just three years later in Russia.

Prospecting and exploration are Nikolay’s strengths and but he says that these discoveries in the past weren’t without challenges: “We worked in extremely difficult conditions. Far different from the ones that we have today. There were no cross-country vehicles or helicopters. We had horses and reindeer instead.”

“We are extremely proud of Nikolay,” said Claude Schimper, Regional Vice-President, Russia. “His has made many contributions to the mining industry in Russia and we are fortunate to have him at Kinross.”

Nikolay Grigoriev

Nikolay with Svetlana Sineva, lawyer, Russia, at the Russian MINEX conference last year

A younger Nikolay on an exploration expedition