Paracatu celebrates long-time veteran employees

It was a night of fun and celebration in Paracatu as the site held an appreciation night for long-time employees in December. The Oscar-themed evening honoured 78 employees who all marked major career milestones that ranged from 10-30 years of working at Kinross.

See the video Paracatu created to celebrate their employees here (in Portuguese).

A toast to the long-time employees!

“Congratulations to all of the 78 employees. Your contributions are greatly appreciated and we are all very proud of you. I wish you continued success,” said Gilberto AzevedoVice-President and General Manager, Paracatu. “The fact that there are so many people achieving these big milestones is a testament to the strong sense of culture at the site.”

Each employee received at congratulatory letter from J. Paul Rollinson, President & CEO, to thank them for their hard work and dedication to Kinross.

“Your efforts, individually and collectively, are integral to our Company’s success. Your daily commitment to safety, high performance and operational excellence is what drives our Company forward,” said J. Paul Rollinson.

Receiving awards

Employees with Gilberto Azevedo, Vice-President and General Manager, Paracatu (second from the left)

Gilberto Azevedo thanks employees