Paracatu celebrates long-time employees!

Paracatu recently hosted the annual ‘Veterans Night’ gala to commemorate employees celebrating over ten years with the Company! This year’s theme was ‘We are all leaders of our time.’

This year, Paracatu also recognized the first two employees to reach 35 years of service with the Company! Congratulations Maria Aparecide Rodrigues Da Silva, Catering Services and Wagner Pereira Da Silva, Operations Technician.

“We look forward to Veterans Night each year, it’s an opportunity to come together with colleagues we have worked with throughout the years and celebrate our achievements,” said Ana Cunha. “This gala demonstrates our commitment to Kinross and each other as we look to reach our next milestone years with the Company.”

Gilberto Azevedo, Vice-President and General Manager, Paracatu, presented employees celebrating milestone (10, 15, 20, 25, or 30) years with the Company with an award to commemorate their service.

A champagne toast to employees
Guests dance at a small concert in honour of the veteran employees
Senior leaders at the celebration. From left to right: Eduardo Magalhães, Director, IT and Supplies, Paracatu, Rodrigo Gomides, Director, Operations, Paracatu, Antônio Marinho, Vice-President, Legal, Paracatu and Gilberto Azevedo, Vice-President and General Manager, Paracatu.