Paracatu hosts virtual ‘Labour Day’ celebration for community

Paracatu recently hosted their annual ‘Labour Day’ celebration with a virtual livestream to accommodate measures associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

While the pandemic may have stopped the community from physically being together, traditions lived on, and a local artist once again performed during the annual celebrations. This year, Emanuele Morias, an up-and-coming artist in Brazil performed a virtual concert on a YouTube channel created for the event. During the livestream viewers were asked to donate to Paracatu’s Food Bank to support families impacted by the pandemic. This action was also supported by Sesc Brasil – a non-profit organization dedicated to the welfare of the community.

Gilberto Azevedo, Vice-President and General Manager, Paracatu, also spoke during the livestream to address the community and Paracatu employees:

“Today, when we celebrate Labour Day, on behalf of Kinross, I wanted to say hello to my co-workers, family and friends. I would like to thank my colleagues for their contributions to the success of our company, and also for their contributions to the local development and economy of our country. Over the years, we have achieved victories, overcome challenges, and right now, all of us together need to face one more, which is the coronavirus. I ask you to engage and participate in prevention campaigns and, in particular, the use of the masks. This is very important for us.”

The celebration was a strong success, receiving a total of over 6,000 views and raising enough funds to provide seven tons of food to the food bank.

Emanuele Morias performs during the virtual live stream
Behind the scenes of the virtual live stream
SESC representative and Otavio Medeiros, GR and SR specialist deliver food boxes to Paracatu’s Food Bank
A truck loaded with food boxes prepares to deliver the donations to Paracatu’s Food Bank