Paracatu Launches “Proud to be Kinross”

In January, Paracatu launched Proud to be Kinross, a new program that will run throughout 2015 and feature select employees and the special impact they have had on Paracatu’s culture. Each month will highlight a different theme: pride, development, values, quality of life, family, respect, diversity, and more.

We want to show the history and experiences of our employees. They will be the cornerstone of this campaign,” says Ana Cunha (Communications Manager, Paracatu).

Meet “Ms. Maria”

A hot cup of coffee, a smile, and a friendly “good morning”. For three decades, these have been essential ingredients in Maria Aparecida Rodrigues’ job as General Services Assistant at Paracatu.

Maria is better known as “Dona Maria” or “Dona Mary” to her closest friends and colleagues, and after 30 years with Kinross, she has no intention of leaving. Every day she manages the small kitchen where employees go to have coffee and snacks on their breaks.

Her three decades with Kinross began when Maria was 27 years old, and she was hired to work in the guest house at Paracatu. Later she was transferred to Plant 1, and then Plant 2. At age 45, with the support of Kinross, Maria completed high school.

Today, at 57, she is married, and has a daughter, a grandson, and plenty of energy. “I love working here,” she says, “It feels like home. I hope I continue working here for many years.