Paracatu management hosts ‘2020 Operations Kick Off’

Paracatu recently hosted their annual ‘Operations Kick Off’ meeting, gathering employees in management roles to discuss the year ahead, including anticipated challenges and areas for improvement, to align all departments for a successful operational year.

“The Operations Kick Off is crucial for preparing our team for the year ahead and creating synergy between departments,” said Alessandro Nepomuceno, Director, Sustainability and Licensing. “The result is a holistic approach that contributes to the success of Paracatu.”

Attendees listened to presentations from each department about their goals for the year, how they planned to accomplish them and how they can be implemented across Paracatu. The teams then had the opportunity to build integrated goals in order to work together more efficiently.

“We had another successful Operations Kick Off meeting that has prepared and motivated management for the year ahead,” said Rodrigo Gomides, Operations Director, Paracatu. “These meetings highlight the benefits of interdisciplinary teamwork to further engrain this culture in our team’s day-to-day operations.”

This was Paracatu’s second year hosting the Operations Kick Off meeting.

Management comes together for a photo after the 2020 Operations Kick Off meeting
Management participates in a 2020 Operations Kick Off workshop